Monkey Beach Swanage 2012

Monkey Beach Swanage 2012
Taken by Carly Hutchins

Monday, 7 May 2012

Exam Season!

Here we are again, May. Most people are thinking summer is finally on its way however for most of us 18year olds we have exams to revise for. My blogging will probably stop for a few months because i'm frantically trying to memorise Gothic quotes from Frankenstein, Macbeth and Wuthering Heights (definitely not my favourite choices of books), but its what i have to do to get into fashion. The only good thing about study leave is usually the sun and revising in the garden with a cold drink and chilling in my bikini however by the looks of this "great" British weather it looks like i will be spending study leave down the library... One day this will all be worth it...

Friday, 27 April 2012

Final Photography project

As the end of the school year is approaching and the last bits of work are being put together and handed in, i began to think 2 years ago where was i? 
I was a ambitious fashion lover who had just finished my GCSE's no subject what so ever relating to the industry, A levels for me were a challenge two art subjects which i had never done before especially photography. Looking back on my two years i have loved it, hated it and cried about it... but still i want to produce photographs which are eye-catching and mean something! Two years ago i began the course and in two weeks time i end it not only does this make me absolutely ecstatic for uni but also has made me want to post some of my favourite photographs i have taken over the last couple of years... 

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Tresor Paris

As much as i love my Pandora which looks great with most outfits i am completely in love with the new Tresor Paris collection! I was looking through the images online and absolutely love the ladies hermes collection, usually i'm a pink girl but i adore the blue one this bracelet is definitely something i will be adding on the birthday list this year!

Monday, 16 April 2012

Girls Holiday 2012!

Finally as the end of my exams and school year is approaching and everyone is going all around the country to various unis there is only one thing to do- GO ON A GIRLS HOLIDAY!
After weeks and weeks of searching for holidays in Ibiza, Zante, Malia and Falaraki we finally decided to book a holiday to ZANTEE! I cant wait to sit in the sun drink cocktails and party! No doubt i will have lots to blog about after that holiday adventure....

Getting into UCA Epsom

Ever since i can remember fashion journalism has been something i have always wanted to study. I based my whole A Level studies around getting into a university and studying fashion journalism, so when applying for uni the pressure and desire to want to get in was stronger than ever. 
I spent days after days studying and getting my portfolio together and getting an interview for UCA was already an achievement in my eyes, I remember the travelling up there was horrible i kept practicing and revising everything i knew about fashion and worrying about my outfit and hair checking i looked ok (since this was a fashion course after all). 
When i arrived everyone was lovely, i felt calm and relaxed and the interview went as well as i thought i could had done, even if i didn't get in i knew i had experienced an interview situation which would help me for next year. When getting ready to go out on a friday night my UCAS track had changed i signed on as quick as i could my stomach churning as it took me to my track progress- the best news i screamed to my mum i got in! i got in! I have been excited ever since and can't wait to go but theres still one thing standing in my way
i just need to get my grades...