Monkey Beach Swanage 2012

Monkey Beach Swanage 2012
Taken by Carly Hutchins

Monday, 16 April 2012

Getting into UCA Epsom

Ever since i can remember fashion journalism has been something i have always wanted to study. I based my whole A Level studies around getting into a university and studying fashion journalism, so when applying for uni the pressure and desire to want to get in was stronger than ever. 
I spent days after days studying and getting my portfolio together and getting an interview for UCA was already an achievement in my eyes, I remember the travelling up there was horrible i kept practicing and revising everything i knew about fashion and worrying about my outfit and hair checking i looked ok (since this was a fashion course after all). 
When i arrived everyone was lovely, i felt calm and relaxed and the interview went as well as i thought i could had done, even if i didn't get in i knew i had experienced an interview situation which would help me for next year. When getting ready to go out on a friday night my UCAS track had changed i signed on as quick as i could my stomach churning as it took me to my track progress- the best news i screamed to my mum i got in! i got in! I have been excited ever since and can't wait to go but theres still one thing standing in my way
i just need to get my grades...   

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